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Music Randomly Stopping on Google Home (Casting from iOS)





United States



(iPhone 12 Pro)


Operating System

(iOS 14.6)


My Question or Issue

Over the last few weeks, I have been experiencing a severe upswing in issues with my Google Home devices randomly pausing/stopping playback. This happens consistently across all of my devices including 3 Nest Minis, 1 Nest Audio, and 1 Chromecast Audio. This happens both when casting via voice command and via the Spotify app. Sometimes the music will pause mid-song, other times a song will fail to start playing after a prior song has ended. I have tried the following to combat the issue:


1) Cleared Spotify cache

2) Deleted and re-installed Spotify app

3) Deleted and re-installed Google Home app

4) Unlinked and re-linked Spotify app in Google Home settings

5) Removed and reset all Google devices

6) Restarted Wi-Fi router

7) Tried multiple ISPs and router combinations

8 ) Tried other phones using Google Home app


From my research, I have seen many similar complaints, but these were from several years back with no recent updates being discussed. My music streaming worked fine until approximately two months ago. No changes were made to my configuration when the issues started. 

Who Me Too'd this topic