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Garmin Forerunner issues





The Netherland



Garmin Forerunner 245

Operating System

Garmin OS version 7.20, Spotify version 1.4.9


My Question or Issue

I have a Garmin Forerunner 245 Music connected to my Spotify account. When syncing I experience a few things:

  • Syncing sometimes stops at random percentages. After waiting for a long time the sync failes. Retry syncing does not help. Tried update downloads, also stops. Tried adding different types of audio (playlists, podcasts), same result.
  • For podcasts that are paused (but is still active in the main music control display) and I am halfway through the episode and I sync my watch the progress of that episode is lost. I need to skip all the way to the point where I stopped listening before syncing, which is a lot of pressing buttons when you listen to a two hour podcast and the skip button only jumps 15 seconds.
  • If I want to add podcasts, sometimes only 3 of my subscribed podcasts show up. There is no way to get them to show up: syncing doesn't work, nor restarting the device. Usually for my next workout (the next day or so) all podcasts show up again.
  • When I listen to a podcast during a workout and the podcast is not finished, the next time I resume listening the audio is not paused when I receive an audio prompt from my watch (for example a heartrate notification). Normally the podcast pauses and automatically resumes when receiving audio prompts.
Who Me Too'd this topic