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[Other] Localize Spotify to Ukrainian fully - localize all clients and all your services


Spotify was launched in Ukraine some time ago.
Yet the service itself was not localized properly before entering the region.

Clearly, Spotify was introduced in Ukraine as a part of introducing it in Russia, but this is a poor excuse.

A blind man would see that Spotify company has done little research and has put little effort in order to implement a proper entering the Ukrainian market, therefore, all possible shortcomings for Spotify's popularity i.e. its revenue in the Ukrainian region do apply.

The obvious bad we are talking about

  1. Price
    An average Ukrainian user simply can not afford Spotify.
    Price is unreasonably high: 2,8% of the minimum wage per month comparing for instance with Austria, where the Spotify price corresponds to the ~0,84% of the minimal wage. Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_minimum_wage, https://edm.com/industry/spotify-premium-prices-by-country

    Let's take YT Premium, for instance, one that currently dominates the Ukrainian market - its services are FULLY localized on all clients and it has a reasonable pricing model - as low as 149 hryvnias(~5,55$ as of ‎2021-08-01) for the family subscription of 5(!) people. An average Ukrainian has ZERO reasons to chose Spotify over it.

    But I do understand that changes to pricing are not up for discussion that's why it's more of an observation here.

  2. Localization and the currency

    Localization for the desktop client doesn't exist.

    No localization in the desktop clientNo localization in the desktop clientAlso, Spotify has no Ukrainian national currency support(hryvnias) apart from being priced unreasonably.

    What do we want?
    Localize Spotify to Ukrainian fully and entirely - translate all clients and all your services(this forum included) to Ukrainian - and utilize national Ukrainian currency for the payment options in your services.
    [Optionally] Adjust regional pricing.
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