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[iOS][Playlists] Add an option for what to do with filtered results on a playlist

Today when I was about to take a shower I felt like listening to the Kendrick Lamar songs in my main playlist with all my songs, obviously, I don't like ALL the songs from Kendrick, that's why I have a playlist with a lot of songs from him but not every song.. So I typed Kendrick Lamar, got the results and pressed play just to get surprised when the next song had nothing to do with the results I got before.


I read some posts about this from 2019 and this year and you the answers say that the change was intentional.. however, in my desktop app I get the "old" behavior (Spotify puts the filtered results in the queue) but my iPhone doesn't agree with that and just plays whatever is next in the playlist or a random song if shuffle is on of course.


So, many people prefer one over the other for what I can see.. so why don't just add an option that changes this behavior? I don't think I want to make a playlist for EVERY artist I have in my playlist, that would be cumbersome and unintuitive, right?

Who Me Too'd this topic