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Swipe to Add to Queue Gesture in Android






Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

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Android 11


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First of all I would like to express this gladly that I have been using Spotify for more than 5 years and haven't faced any major issue so far. I spend hours every day on Spotify therefore, I wish to feel comfortable while using it.

Although existed in Apple version of spotify for years now on, I just can't find any ground on why you insist on not implementing the swipe to add to queue gesture for android. This crucial request has been stated since previous articles by other android users too but we haven't seen any step forward thenceforth. Since this gesture is used by almost all Apple users and eases the effort using the app we, as android users, demand to see this feature whilst our daily Spotify usage.

Thanks in advance for your interest.

Utku Güner

Who Me Too'd this topic