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Why does Spotify keep resetting my password?






In my currenty job most of the internet sites are blocked and just a few sites are whitelisted. One of them is spotify, which I use to listen to music and podcasts. But like every 1 or 2 weeks Spotify keeps resetting my password, even while I am listening to something. I suddenly get logged off and cannot log in, because my password is told to be incorrect. It is really annoying and unnecessary. At this point I cannot even reset my password, because my personal email websites are blocked and I am not allowed to have my phone in the office.
I know the default answer is "it is necessary, suspicious behaviour, everything for your security...) but it does more damage and is more annoying than helpful. Even when I want to reset my password I cannot use the ones I used before, which makes it even worse.

I don't know what kind of connection the company uses that makes it that suspicious, but I have a free account and don't really appreciate this kind of behaviour. I wished this would stop, I have my account since 2010 and never had any complaint until recently

Is there a way to avoid that?

Who Me Too'd this topic