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Bug: Audio cuts out when starting or stopping wireless charging




United States


Samsung Galaxy 8+

Operating System

Android 9, December 1, 2020 security patch

Spotify Version


My Question or Issue

When my phone stops or starts wireless charging, the sound cuts out for about a half second. This happens about a second after the phone is placed on the charger or removed, or when the phone reaches 100% and switches from charging to pass-through mode. (I assume it's taking that long for the phone and charger hardware to handshake.)


It occurs whether or not the screen is on.


It does not occur when Spotify is in the foreground. I've confirmed that Spotify is not set to have restricted background network access or any other background battery saving settings.


This also does not occur when the phone is charged via wire. Only wirelessly.


I only noticed this in December. Not sure if the latest Android update is involved or not.

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