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Spotify charged me for a month of service

A little over a month ago, I saw Spotify's promotion for a free month of their premium service.  I eagerly signed up, entered my credit card info (MISTAKE!) and carried on with a free month.  Two days before the subscription was to end, I went and followed the instructions to cancel my premium subscription so I wouldn't get charged; I simply wanted to go back to my free account.  However, I would enter the necessary information, and it would give me an error message, saying I couldn't do anything.


The day before the subscrption was up, I did the same thing...error message.  The day the subscription was up, I went to attempt to cancel it again.  It worked with no problems at all; however, it CHARGED my credit card for an additional month.  I want my money back (all $9.99 of it) but I can't get in contact with Spotify at all.  Any ideas?

Who Me Too'd this topic