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Local Files playing for a second and then shutting off on Mobile






iPhone 11

Operating System

iOS 15.2


My Question or Issue

I recently upgraded to a new phone. When I went to play my Local Files for the first time, the bar at the bottom showing the song would pop up for a second, and then immediately turn off. All of my songs are labeled as downloaded, none are greyed out, and they can all be played just fine on my computer. When I deselect the download button at the top of the playlist, nothing happens and all of the songs stay downloaded. I have tried removing all of the local files, removing all of the files in the playlist with the local files in it, as well as playing a local file on my computer then switching the casting to be on my phone, only for the song to immediately stop playing. Along with the song only showing up for a moment, if I shuffle a playlist that only has my local files in it on my phone, the songs glitch out rapidly, switching through the songs very quickly, and after a moment gives me the "Song Not Downloaded" message, despite all of my music and the playlist being labeled as downloaded. 

I am very confused about what is going on and have never seen anything like this before. I would really appreciate some assistance. 

Who Me Too'd this topic