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Apple Watch Spotify constantly crashing

Watch model SE
Watch iOS 8.3
Iphone model Xr
Iphone iOS 15.2.1
Spotify version


Device 1
Iphone Xr
Operating System
iOS 15.2.1

Device 2
Apple Watch SE
Operating System
iOS 8.3

Spotify version

My Question or Issue
Brand new Apple Watch SE since opening and synchronizing it with iphone, has been in constant crash of the Spotify app (When clicking to open the app, it closes automatically).
The app crashes almost everytime, after one time of working properly after downloading it.

Downloading songs are also a problem, even when is a playlist with less than 10 songs.
The phone, watch and app are already with newest versions.
Closing the app (both phone and watch), logging out, factory reset of the watch have been already tested.


Who Me Too'd this topic