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Local Files Won't Play on IOS

Iv'e had spotify for years while using the local files feature to listen to my favorite songs that aren't on spotify. However, for some reason when I recently tried to add a new song via the local files, when synced to my IOS device it won't play on my iphone. It shows up on my iphone, its downloaded, but when I tap on the song to play it on my iphone it turns green like its playing for a fraction of a second, but then immediately deselects the song and doesn't play anything. What is even weirder is it will play fine on the desktop app. 


I tried uninstalling the IOS app, but that only hid all my other local songs on my playlist and i can no longer access them on my iphone. I'm not worried about adding them back as i have them all on a folder on my pc, but I still cant play any of them if I re-add them. Ive tried using different wifi's to try and sync them, but i don't think syncing is the problem. Any help is much appreciated.

Who Me Too'd this topic