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[Android][Other] Stop deleting Joe Rogan episodes if you want to keep your customers

People are getting REEEAALLY SICK of internet censorship.  Big Tech is not our mommies and daddies, you don't need to decide what adults can listen to or talk about.  I am keeping an eye on all the JRE episodes you are deleting.  It concerns me and I want to know why they are not available anymore.  I won't be your customer if you try to control what is permissible for me to hear.  I decide that.  I will be happy to pay for that access to unfiltered, uncensored information and discussion.  I will not give a penny of my hard-earned and rapidly inflating money to companies who deem themselves the authorities on what I should be able to hear, or who should be able to speak.  If I see what I suspect to be censorship of ideas or "cancelling" of individual humans, I will drop Spotify paid services and never return.  On the flip-side of that coin, if Spotify can demonstrate it is committed to unbiased and unrestricted expression and discussion, and to the extremely important role of archiving and recalling all human philosophy and perspective, then I will eagerly pay for a service like that my entire life as if it were a basic utility.  Some company soon will understand and find that loyal market, will it be you?  This is the time to recognize what humans all over the planet want and need right now, a real catalog of all recorded media with NO CENSORSHIP whatsoever.  Only then can we make the best decisions about the future for out cities and nations and our world.

Who Me Too'd this topic