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[Android] "Now Playing" Screen will not show after returning to App






Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Operating System

Android 12


My Question or Issue

Since about two month ago, I have the following issue which is now getting worse:

The problem occurs when I am listening to music or a podcast and than pause it for a certain amount of time without closing the app. If I now return to the app, the "Now playing" screen is not visible. I can still listen to music or podcasts by clicking directly on them, but it will not show me, that I actually am listening.

All the features only usuable in the "Now playing" screen, like the queue are of course also not usuable.
Usually I can resolve this by simply closing the app and restarting it, but since today this doesn't help either.
The whole problem is really annoying.


Edit: Reinstalling the app and restarting the phone did also not help.

Who Me Too'd this topic