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Spotify needs an iOS 7 facelift!

Spotify couldn't look more out of place in Apple's new iOS7 interface.


Take a look, as compared with Rdio's updated app on the left (thanks to @Batman for the suggestion; see his post below):


image.jpg 9273e2ef-b56a-4260-aefc-2b04f6e88929.jpeg


Rdio's stunning blurred background, icons,  menus, and typography fit seamlessly with Apple's new flat, "glass-like" style.


Pandora and iHeartRadio have also made minor tweaks to their apps to fit in. Spotify's hideous experience, however, will probably make me choose one of these other services until my music looks beautiful again.


If you don't have iOS 7 yet, the difference my not seem as stark to you, and you might think I'm nit-picking, but it makes Spotify a really poor experience on an new iPhones.


Does this bother you too? Please throw some Kudos my way so we can get this fixed ASAP!

Who Me Too'd this topic