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Lost all pre-sets on my equalizer tab

I have an iPhone 11 Regular and I’ve been using Spotify for around 4 to 5 years, Normally when I go to the equalizer tab in settings on the app and play my music on the “Dance” pre-set that they had on there


I now no longer have any equalizer pre-sets anymore and it’s messing with my music because the feedback of my own personal adjustment on the equalizer tab stinks, I get too much feedback and sounds like my ears are going to bleed when the high pitch sounds come through, the presets made things a lot easier 

please help me fix this 


My iPhone runs on IOS 15.3

latest updates have been made to both the iPhone and the app itself 


also I deleted it and reinstalled it and no luck 

including restarting my phone and still no luck 

plus submitting this was a issue too because the library came up blank and only showed pictures and videos as I was scrolling down


Added screen video of that too

Who Me Too'd this topic