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App Home Screen keeps changing




iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 15


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Every time I open the Spotify app it seems the home screen is constantly changing, by adding or taking away content. For weeks I was stuck with a Good Morning banner with 4 albums or playlists that I had listened to but could never change and it took forever to find my recently played by scrolling down. This I did not like. Then I got my recently played to be presented at the top of my home screen which was fantastic. This was the best. Now my banner says Listen if You Watched...Elvis with a bunch of podcasts that I do not want. Now it is stuck there and I cannot find my recently played at all anywhere. Even when I scrolled all the way down the app I was still getting recommended podcasts and albums that I do not want at all. This is the absolute worst.

The whole purpose of changing to a paid subscription was to get rid of advertisements. How can I get rid of these podcasts and albums that I do not want and just get my recently played albums and playlists back?


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