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Access to iOS/Android streaming SDKs

To the Spotify team,


Looks like Spotify is cutting access to the iOS/Android mobile streaming SDKs per recent news announcement:


While Spotify has been advertising the alternative remote SDKs, their functionalities are quite limited compared to the streaming SDKs, with no access to music/podcast content at all to build audio applications.


If the streaming SDKs stop working, with the previous announcements of sunsetting libspotify, developers would now lose all access to build any interesting audio application on Spotify. It would be a big blow to the companies that spent years building our apps, also at the expense of Spotify's subscribers as they lose access to our services.


As such, we would like to request Spotify to:

  • Reconsider the decision
  • Advise us of any alternative, or how to contact Spotify business dev
  • Or extend the deadline until an alternative can be found

Otherwise it would be very disappointing as it barely gave us a month and a half of notice, considering the amount of time that went into building our apps, and we would have no choice but to migrate our users to other streaming services.






Zeyu Li

Founder & CEO

Mixonset Inc.


iOS App | Instagram | Discord


Who Me Too'd this topic