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Please reconsider shutting down iOS/Android streaming SDKs

Like Rolf and their Amazing Slow Downer app, Zeyu and their MixOnSet app, Prady and their Boom app, Jukestar also uses the Mobile Streaming SDK to bring thousands of people to Spotify each week.
Jukestar uses the Mobile Streaming SDK to take control of the music queue in real-time enabling a live social jukebox at house parties. It doesn't manipulate, alter, cross-fade or change the music sound in any way, so I don't believe it will impact Spotify's music broadcast licenses.
Over the years I have experimented with multiple versions of the newer "App Remote SDKs" however since the Jukestar app is no longer actually playing the music, I have not found a reliable way to keep the app from being killed in the background by the Android/iOS operating systems. The new App Remote SDK also has had a range of issues reported by other developers on GitHub that unfortunately have received very limited attention to date.
If you could please reconsider shutting down the Mobile Streaming SDK. Even if possible, reaching out to us developers to provide us some more context on the operating costs and challenges of keeping this older Mobile Streaming SDK alive in its existing deprecated state, like it has been for the last 3 years.
What is Jukestar?
The Jukestar social jukebox app will automatically distribute the playlist based on who requested what, when they requested it and what other guests think of the songs. This way, everyone gets a fair go. No one can hog the playlist. The good stuff gets played. The bad stuff gets skipped. Accessible by everyone.
Get the party started.
Who Me Too'd this topic