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Playlists are empty, artist pages are blank and music won't play.


Premium (Shared family plan paid by my son's account)




Samsung Galaxy A10

Operating System

Android 11 One UI ver 3.1


My Question or Issue

As per title, since performing a software update on my phone on Friday 30th September, Spotify no longer works. My son has troubleshooted the issue to my phone as logging on to his Spotify account on my phone has the same problem, and logging into my account on his computer has no issues.

My son has performed a clean install of Spotify on my phone, deleting all cache and data folders before installing again, as well going through all permissions making sure Android/Samsung isn't somehow blocking Spotify from accessing internet via mobile data/Wi-Fi or file access, even though I don't download songs from Spotify onto my device.

Nothing seems to work and I'm not sure what it could be.

Who Me Too'd this topic