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Removing an album from the top of my Spotify homescreen

Hello. There is an album that I hate and try everything to avoid, yet Spotify thinks it's a good idea to put it right front and center at the top of my Spotify homescreen. The part I am talking about is the 2x3 grid at the top of the screen that says "Good morning" and stuff like that. It drives me nuts, I hate everything about this album, but nothing seems to work. I have marked the album as "Do not play", along with every song in it. I tried blocking the artist that made the album, which sucks because I like some of their other songs, and yet it's still there, taunting me. I see it on everything. This is driving me insane, and made me cry at one point. I just want it to go away. Help would be very, very, VERY appreciated.
Who Me Too'd this topic