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[iOS] Can't play any songs, but can initiate playing on iPhone via Browser

My setup:

Premium (Individual)
iOS 16.3
iPhone 13 Pro Max
Streaming Audio Quality: Very High/High (or Automatic)
Download Quality: Very high
Listening via Bluetooth (WH-1000XM5)
Apple Watch enabled

When selecting any song from any of my playlists, Spotify stops playing current song and doesn't continue until I manually start it from Browser (macOS).

Yes, I can click "Next", songs continue to play until the playlist is completely exhausted
Yes, I can initiate playing songs (including downloaded) via Browser
Yes, offline mode works

First time the issue arises when connecting to any Bluetooth device or when changing something in settings (equalizer, audio quality).

No, the issue isn't solved by reinstalling
No, the iss
Who Me Too'd this topic