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Wrong artwork cover on car's Bluetooth.






Nothing Phone 1 

Operating System

Android 13


Hyundai Tucson (2021)


My Question or Issue

Mobile connected via Bluetooth (not android auto with cable, only Bluetooth).

Music plays from Spotify. The title and the artwork cover in the first track play well. In the next one, the title changes but the artwork cover remains the same as the previous one. On the 3rd track, you see title name change normally of the 3rd track but artwork cover of the 2nd. You move on to the next one and so on.

With another player everything works fine.

But since I'm very comfortable with Spotify, I'm struggling to make it work properly. I found some tips for changing the Bluetooth avrcp and battery optimization, but it's useless. The only thing I managed to do is not to show the artwork cover to any player by changing the Bluetooth avrcp but with the song titles changing correctly. In order to show the artwork cover it needs to have Bluetooth profile avrcp 1.6.

The infotainment of the car should not be to blame. It's most likely a Spotify bug after some update that I didn't hear about. It definitely has something to do with the Bluetooth avrcp profiles and how Spotify transfers the metadata to the car's infotainment.

In other players of my mobile the artwork cover changes normally. Like something sticks and stays in the artwork of the previous song while the next one is playing. It transfers the metadata, but laterally.

Is there any solution because it is very frustrating? I am very comfortable with Spotify and would not like to remove it.

Thanks in advance


Who Me Too'd this topic