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API for finding list of user's playlists song appears in

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I'm trying to build a view where I can see a list of a user's playlists that a given song appears in. Currently, the only feasible approach given the existing API is to iterate through a user's playlists, then all of their songs in each of those playlists, until I can find the song in that playlist (at which point I can at least stop fetching more songs from that playlist). This is slower and more cumbersome than I'd like.

In light of the official app's new "add to playlist" screen where you can see each of your playlists, and which playlists that track is currently in, this seems particularly inefficient. What are the chance we can get an endpoint that enables similar functionality? Even an endpoint to check if a song exists in a given playlist would be extremely helpful.

I'm also interested to see if anyone's solved this with a better approach that I'm just missing.

Who Me Too'd this topic