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App crashing constantly in background






iPhone 14 Pro

Operating System

iOS 17 (Had same issue with iOS16)


For past 2 weeks or so my Spotify app has been crashing constantly when running in the background.


App works fine if I leave it open, but once my phone locks or I move off Spotify and it runs in the background, it crashes within 30 seconds.


App is also very slow and unresponsive. I previously had iOS 16, but upgraded to iOS 17 hoping this would fix the issue but it did not.


I have also tried the other suggestions that have been made in the past:


-Uninstall/delete data, clean install.
-I updated to iOS 16.4, had same issue.
-I updated to iOS 17, still same issue.
-Turn off phone, wait and clean install.
-Clear cache
-Removed all downloads and other data.


Please help with this, as it has made the app completely unusable at this point.


Who Me Too'd this topic