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Jam remote sessions bug restarts song for everyone






iPhone 13

Operating System

iOS 17.0.2


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I’m liking the concept of the new jam feature, but there’s one issue that messes with me and my friends every single time we listen on our own phones in a remote session. When something is added to the queue or someone’s phone reconnects or anything that would cause it to go out of sync, everyone’s track restarts back to 0:00 except for the host of the Jam. I’ve had times where I was hosting a jam and added a song to a queue, and everyone would get onto each other about who restarted the song. I didn’t know because it didn’t restart on my phone. We can play on one Bluetooth speaker and use group queuing just fine but when it comes to listening individually, we can’t ever get it to work right. This has happened to all of my buddies who want to start jams on their own so I know it’s not just me. 

Who Me Too'd this topic