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When adding to a shared playlist on iOS, it does not show when a collaborator has already added it

Plan: Premium

Country: Singapore



(iPhone 12 Pro)

Operating System

(iOS 16.6.1)


My Question or Issue

On iOS, when using “+” on a song to add to other playlists, it is supposed to display the playlists which a song has already been added to. However, if a song was added by another collaborator but not you, it does not show up as a green checkmark.

If you add the song in the playlist not knowing that it is already added, the iOS app does not notify of duplicates, but the desktop app will notify when adding the same song.

If you try to remove the duplicate song that you added, it will remove the original collaborator’s addition as well, removing the song completely from the playlist.

There is no way to remove duplicates from the playlist besides manually finding them and removing. 

Who Me Too'd this topic