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Spotify Crashing on iPhone 4S after start


I am using spotify with Premium Account for a few months with different devices. Ipad 4 (iOS 7.03) and Windows PC do well. When trying to use it with my iPhone 4S this weekend (iOS 6) it recently crashed when syncing the Single playlist. Thinking about iOS Version conflicts i did the iOS 7.03 update and reinstalled spotify completely (including the Installation of spotify 0.9.08).

Problem still exists, no chance to start the app. It crashes down immediately After the start. When going to flight mode, i am able to start the app and go through the menu. When going online (no matter if a playlist should be synced or not), the app crashes again. Tried reinstall, hard reset of iPhone, sign off/on, sync with PC....Nothing helps.

As i have mentioned, spotify works well on ipad and Windows PC.

Need help, thanks!
Who Me Too'd this topic