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Time-Based Song Retrieval

This proposal suggests the implementation of a new feature in the Spotify API to retrieve liked songs based on a specified time range. The objective is to offer users a convenient way to access and manage their favorite songs from a particular period.

Feature Details

The proposed enhancement involves adding a new API endpoint with two arguments: month and year. Users can utilize these parameters to fetch their liked songs within the specified time frame, providing a more personalized and historical perspective on their music preferences.

Usage Example:

GET /v1/me/tracks?month=12&year=2023


GET /v1/playlists/{playlist_id}?month=12&year=2023

Why should this get added?

Because currently there's no easy way to fetch songs from a time range. I made an application that accepts those 2 arguments and the way it is now, it has to loop through every single liked song until it found the songs that start in that time frame. Instead of manually sorting songs in playlists, I simply like them and leave it at that, which means I have a lot of liked songs (over 7400). If I want to generate a playlist from my liked songs from back in 2018, it has to loop through all the songs, which takes time and way too many unnecessary API calls.

"But why do you want this?", you might ask. Because it's nice to see what I liked during a specific moment in life and to compare it to what I currently listen to.

Or even better yet, make it a built-in feature for the people who want something like this.



Who Me Too'd this topic