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iPhone 16.7.5, Spotify 8.9.18 and Apple Watch SE Compatible?






iPhone 8

Operating System

IOS 16.7.5


My Question or Issue

I recently updated my iPhone 8 to IOS 16.7.5 as well as my Spotify App to 8.9.18 and all of a sudden the Spotify App won't open on my Apple Watch SE.

When I click on Spotify on my watch, it doesn't open - it almost 'jitters / zooms' and then nothing. It seems stuck in a glitch. I have clicked it repeatedly and it's just not happening... it's like it really wants to open but it somehow cannot.

I have restarted my iPhone and my Apple watch. I have uninstalled Spotify on both my iPhone and watch. I have re-installed Spotify on my iPhone and Apple watch. I have un-paired the watch and re-paired as a new watch. I have been to the Apple Store and the guy there was lovely however just did the same 'restarts' as I had already done - to no avail. 

Spotify works perfectly on my iPhone 8, no problem there. Car Play works fine too.

Is the latest app update of Spotify not compatible with my Apple Watch SE because I have an iPhone 8? All of a sudden I can't open the app on the watch and it's highly frustrating. 


Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Who Me Too'd this topic