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Time for an update on API Approval times?

Hey everyone,


I thought I'd share a bit of our journey in trying to integrate Spotify into our social music platform. Like many of you here, we've been navigating the mysterious seas of the Spotify API approval process. We get it, the approval team's got a lot on their plate, but going months without a peep? That's a tough gig for those of us on the edge of our seats, ready to bring some cool features to life.


Here's the thing - we're not looking to step on Spotify's toes. Far from it. We're all about adding value with features Spotify has passed on, hoping to make the platform even more awesome for users. Think of us as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man of music apps – just here to help out and save the day where we can.


But, as we all wait for that golden email, maybe it's time for Spotify to think about giving their stance on timelines a little update. A nudge, a wink, or even just a "we haven't forgotten about you!" message could go a long way.


So, here's to hoping our collective journeys reach a happy destination soon. In the meantime, let's keep sharing our stories, tips, and maybe even start a support group for API approval waiting. "Spotify API Waiters Anonymous," anyone? 😂


Keep the faith, folks. Our time to shine is just around the corner!

Who Me Too'd this topic