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Spotify error-01 with a car stereo (Alpine CDE-111RM)



My Iphone 4S IOS5.0.1 works fine with my car stereo, except spotify doesn`t.


My ipod feature, navigation system and other programs works fine with my car stereo. And when I start the spotify premium app, it plays a track like 0,5 second and after that the connection crashes. Car stereo tries to search the connection and after that it gives (ERROR-01) message. The error message is only removed if I reboot the Iphone...


I am closing the premium account if theres no fix for this. I hope there is...


There are hundreds of users that have the same problem with spotify and car stereo (atleast Pioneer and Alpine), I`ve read them from other forums. There has to be something wrong with the spotify because other programs work.


Any help and suggestions ? or shall I put my account to hold ?

Who Me Too'd this topic