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[Lumia 1520] Does not play or sync - No Connection Available


I have upgraded my phones to the new Lumia 1520, and loving it for the most part. However, Spotify is only useful to log in and "see" my playlists. I cannot sync for offline nor can I even play when on LTE or Wifi. I am a Premium user, and this is very disappointing. It says Connection Type "None" and "No Network Available!". If that was the case, how did I sign in to the app using my premium account (which is facebook linked and uses facebook to log in)?


I have seen this issue in various posts dating back to last year all the way to the past month. Unless this can be fixed soon, I will be cancelling my subscription as music is part of my daily routine. I have brought over at least 20 family members and friends  by convincing them Spotify was better, but it seems that is only for desktop and Android users. As most of us are switching to Windows Phone 8 devices, this does not bode well.


Can we at least get an update for the bug, workaround, or something of acknowledgement?

Who Me Too'd this topic