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Unlimited, apparently a thing of the past.

Today after the press conference the website got updated and Unlimited is now no longer an option for new users. You have Free and you have Premium as your choices for a subscription. I myself am currently a Spotify Unlimited user since I use Spotify on my computer exclusively.


First things first, what will happen to my current Unlimited subscription?


Secondly, out of curiosity I tried to log on to Spotify on my cell phone (Android) and try the new Shuffle feature available for Free users. What happened was that, even if I could log in, I couldn't actually play anything. The "Shuffle Play" button wasn't even present and when I tried to press Radio I was confronted with a message saying I need to upgrade to Premium to use that feature.


Shouldn't Unlimited users at least be able to use the mobile version in the same manner as Free users?


I'm confused...

Who Me Too'd this topic