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iPhone 5S won't play any songs online or offline that I've downloaded offline

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I did a quick scan and I couldn't see anyone with this problem so I hope I'm not being annoying and stating a problem that happens frequently, but basically I made a playlist with about 110 songs, I then thought I'd check out the offline features on Spotify and they all downloaded to offline perfectly, however when I began to try and play then when I didn't have signal, I couldn't access them at all.


The song title appears as though it's about to start, but the time location bar and the "next" and "back" buttons don't show up at all.


Not only that, but ever since I can't get the files that I've supposedly saved offline to even attempt to play online, they don't appear greyed out or anything like that, but when I click on them I get the same problem I have when it's offline. 

The files work fine on my computer, the whole playlist works perfectly, but as soon as I try and play it from my phone all hell breaks lose.


Any help would be very appreciated.

Who Me Too'd this topic