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iPhone startup time + constant crashes

I'm sure anyone that uses the Spotify iPhone app can agree it's sadly dysfunctional, but I wanted to gauge if other users have it as bad as me. My start time usually takes about 2-3 minutes with the three loading dots, and then usually after a song or two it will crash and this whole absurd process is started over. Yes after enough crashes and startups it will begin to remain functioning, but by that point I've already arrived at my destination.


I have a few questions. Obviously at this point I wouldn't expect Spotify to make any attempt at fixing this as they are probably focused on adding more obsolete features, but I was curious if anyone else had this problem as often as I do. I'm sure a part of it is because I have thousands upon thousands of playlists, but that's not an excuse for Spotify as I pay my monthy fee like everyon else.  Is there a way to keep Spotify on and running in the background so I don't have to continually go through this process or starting it up? I feel like I wait for Spotify to start up more than I actually get to listen to songs. 

Who Me Too'd this topic