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There is now only shuffle option for free users & I can only change songs 6 times an hour!!!! WTF!

The title said it all. I'm a long time spotify user. I have gotten many people into spotify. Now I pay for it, most of the time but coming up to Christmas it's not as easy. But I still manage to use it, which is why I like did spotify so much. But now, all free users can only choose the shuffle option, cannot choose certain songs & can only change songs 6 times in an hour?! I understand this is a great market ploy. But I am not a happy customer! This needs to be fixed! Now! Not a good way to encourage new people to join. I've synced all my songs everything perfectly in the order I want, but that doesn't matter now because its free user. Even the music I've downloaded & put to spotify my own music I can't even click to play. The new layout is pre crappy to. Seriously. Change it back. I will not be the only one complaining. You will lose a long time customer. Might just have to go back using music on my iPod.
Who Me Too'd this topic