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Sharing a song in Spotify with non-Facebook users

Hello! I haven't found this answer on the web so I think this might be a new suggestion. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

I'm on the iOS mobile app, and I can't seem to share a song with my friends that have a Spotify account but not a Facebook. (I can do this on the desktop version just fine, but not the mobile.) I don't mean emailing or texting them, I mean that I can't send them a song directly in Spotify to their Spotify inbox. When I go to Share and then Spotify People, none of my friends' usernames show up. I theorize that this is because they don't have Facebook accounts.

Will someone at Spotify make sending Spotify users over mobile possible? Or maybe just to people who follow you? ...maybe you could separate people/artists you "follow" from your friends and create an exclusive "friends" list?

Thank you for your help and consideration!
--Katherine (RockingRoyalty)

Who Me Too'd this topic