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Need to be able to log in without facebook


I cannot figure out how to log into my Spotify premium account when access to facebook is blocked.  I use Spotify at work for background music and it is alowed, but the IT department recently blocked Facebook and now I can no longer log into my Spofity account. 


People keep saying in other topics and from what I've googled that I should be able to go to preferences and disable my facebook link but I've checked every option and there is no such thing when I go to the preferences screen.  Is it possible or not to get normal Spotify log in credentials for my account that was created through facebook integration?  I even tried logging in with the long number string that Spotify's web site says is my username but it doesn't work. 


If possible I would like to disassociate my spotify account from facebook entirely.  If I can no longer log in from work, I might as well stop paying for this service I can no longer use.  I'd even start a brand new account if there wa sa way to port over my playlists, but only if that's the only way.



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