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Spotify Double charged me for NINE MONTHS and I am having to beg to get the money back they took


I had a credit card that I just used for internet subscriptions.  I had it on autopay because I trusted the companies that I gave my credit card number to.  


Since then, I have gone through all my credit card charges, trying to cut down on my monthly expenses, and I noticed that Spotify has charged me twice for 9 months!  I bring this to their attention, and Spotify said that it was their fault.  When I logged in with Facebook, it somehow made two accounts.  So for 9 months, I was getting billed twice for premium service (only receiving one email a month from Spotify letting me know that my credit card was going to be charged).  The only fault I have in this is not checking my statement from the beginning.  


So instead of refunding me the money that they owe me, they want to give me credit.  At this point, I want nothing to do with Spotify.  I don't want free months, and that is what they keep offering me.  I have never had to work so hard to get money back that was taken from me.  Spotify, admit something went wrong, and fix it.  Why would I keep using your service when you keep trying to take advantage of me?  If you would have just given me the credit I was owed in the first place, I would be singing your praises.  



Spotify Case # 01250813

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