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[ROKU] Can't log into spotify on Roku 2XS

Current issue was noticed mid-day, Wednesday Feb 26th (mountain time).


I've tried to log in with both facebook and spotify login (10digit numeric number), neither one working.


The error screen reads:

Could not connect to spotify

Please check your network connection in roku settings

Visit for current service status. (code 8.4)


I've verified network connectivity from the roku-->out; all other channels work fine.


This has happened before; nothing I did seemed to'd just 'fix itself' after some period of time.

It has happened once briefly this year (maybe only 1 day outage) but there was a multi-day outtage around New Years 2014.


Spotify authenticates fine via the Web (facebook login) or iphone (spotify ID login) it is somehow a connection between the roku and spotify.


Today, I've tried to delete/remove the spotify plugin, pull power on the roku, restart roku and re-add the spotify channel. Still, neither of the login credentials work.


We pay for spotify premium and this is the primary method of'd be cool if I could round up some support on how to remedy this.

Who Me Too'd this topic