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Service was horrible

Hey, my name is Chandler Lattin, and my wife recently had spotify premium. The service was absolutley horrible, and when we contacted support, there was no reply whatsoever from anybody at support. I am so pissed that we bought it, I had it and it worked just fine. I have no idea why her service and even replies from customer support were just unbelivably useless. I really want to buy her spotify premium, In fact I wanted to buy it for the next year. I am seriously reconsidering. It's such a travesty that things like this have to happen, but I honeslty love spotify, its an amazing thing to have, music everywhere! Many of our friends even have spotify. I had the trial 30 day thing myself, and it worked fine, but I don't want to physically buy it if this is what is going to happen... If i'd have to say anything about spotify to friends, this would be the first thing i'd have to tell them. I really hope I can get something in copensation of the poor service.


For my contact information : 


Chandler Lattin

Feel free to contact me.


Is there going to be a lack of support here too?!

Who Me Too'd this topic