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Android: Please improve current song buffering

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I’m using Spotity (lastest version) for android 4.1 and set music as "extreme quality". It works well, even on 3G+.
However, the single song buffer works systematically bad on Wifi (sometimes on 3G too).
I’ve tested my wifi bandiwth and it’s quite stable (wifi /n speed). When playing any song, it stops all the time for just a second to buffer, then starts again, then after few seconds it stops…
I have to play the song, click pause for a few seconds, and then play again to avoid that = manual buffering…
A better crafted buffering system would be much appreciated; I will be keen to wait 10 seconds but the song to play with no interruptions, even in extreme quality.


Please take care I’m not thinking about the next song to be preloaded, but of the current one.



Who Me Too'd this topic