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Iphone 4S won't download playlists over wifi - works fine with 3G

As the topic says, my IPhone 4S won't download playlists for offline use (I'm a premium subscriber) using the wifi conection. If I switch on "Sync over 2G/3G", the songs begin to download immediately. Also, I cannot get the phone to show up in the "Devices" section of the desktop app (tried both on Win7 and MacOS X), eventhough I have tried all the suggested solutions I could find on this community, including:


  1. Putting the computer (PC or Mac) on the DMZ on my network (essentially bypassing the firewall)
  2. Disabling the firewall on both computers
  3. Creating a private network for both the IPhone and the computers

The computers (both Mac and PC) are on the same wifi network, and I have tried to login with the facebook integration as well as directly with my spotify username on both computers and on the iphone.


The weirdest thing is that downloading files over wifi works fine on my Ipad (1st generation) and on my work mobile phone (Windows phone) - just not on the IPhone. The Ipad will also appear immediately in the "Devices" section.


I am absolutely at a loss here - I have tried everything I can think of (I work as an IT professional, so I have tried some pretty strange solutions by now - all with no result).


Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!


EDIT: It seems that the only way to get offline content on the IPhone is to play the songs one by one - this can't be right as a premium subscriber?

Who Me Too'd this topic