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Possible solution for music cutting off or stopping constantly...

Casual Listener

Ive been very frustrated with spotify this past week.  Songs will just stop playback in the middle of the songs.  The tracks would show that they were still playing, but no sound.   It wasn't my headphones either because I could hear the beeps from changing tracks.  In fact, if I skipped tracks, music would continue but only for a short period of time, like 30-50 sec.  


Anyways, I searched all over the internet to try to figure out what the problem was and could not find a solution, yet everyone is having the same problem.  While searching, I got a notice on my phone that my memory was just about full and I couldnt save pictures.  A light bulb went off in my head... Maybe, since the songs are buffered (and therefore need temporary space on the phone), they just shut down when they reach they limit of hardrive space?


So, I backed my phone up and offloaded all my pics to clear some room... NO MORE PAUSING.  So, hopefully this helps some of you have the same frustrations... Cheers.

Who Me Too'd this topic