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[Windows Phone 8] snap at beginning of some Songs


i am user of a Nokia lumia 1520.

I am Premium-User.

I am using it with my WiFi-Network.

I triead streaming with mobile dada connection.

I triead a re-installation.


App-Version: 2.0



I have downlaoded songs and streaming songs - the result is the same:


Song 1: Cro - Traum

Song 2: Mando Diao - Black Saturday

Song 3: Thirty Seconds to Mars - conquistador


Song 1 _always_ have a snap at the beginning of the song.

Interesting is: If i turn volume to 0 the snap is too.

Song 2 haven't this problem.

Song 3 has a louder snap than song 1.


the problem is only with my speakers - headphones haven't this problem.


I couldn't test it with songs on my mobile device.

But Tune-In Radio, Nokia Mix, Metrotube, Vimeao, Vevo and other apps haven't this snap at the beginning.

so i think it's a problem of Spotify.


I have to pay for the app (only WP) and want a product without errors.


Nice day from germany

Who Me Too'd this topic