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Listening History On Mobile Devices

Is there any way to see my history of what I've played on iOS?  Here's the dealio -- I'm in the car, listening, and a song comes up that I'd like to either thumbs up or down but, of course, I'm driving and can't do it (I'm a responsible driver).  But when I get home I was thinking I could see what had already been played and then thumb it there, but neither the browser nor the iOS app seem to have this.


Any ideas on how I can improve the radio without causing an accident?  (It doesn't help that merely activating the login screen doesn't have the thumbs up and down, you have to actually swipe to get into the phone so it's more than a simple phone touch.  And this is something iTunes does very well indeed, allowing you to improve your stations from iTunes whatever device you happen to be on, after the fact).

Who Me Too'd this topic