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Help, spotify connect on receiver controlled by someone else

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Hope you can help me. I've got a new receiver, Yamaha RX-V675 whith Spotify connect. I have Spotify free so cannot use this feature, no problem. My friend has Spotify Premium and is looking for a new receiver, so I invited him to try this with my receiver (I was curious too how this feature works). I gave him the Wifi password and he connected to my receiver, no problem, works great!


But now there's a problem: my receiver is listed as a connected device at his account and therefore he can choose my receiver as playback device, even if he is not connected at my Wifi network. So, anytime, anywhere he is able to startup my receiver and play whatever he wants me to hear (at every volume level!). It seems I cannot do anything about this, I would like to remove my device from his list but I am not able to do this from my receiver. I tried renaming the receiver in my network, it just stays visable in his phone (with the new name!). Of course i can disconnect my receiver from my network, but then i will lose other network features. There should be a way i can block spotify connect users to my device, but how? 


He is a nice guy so he tried (after having some fun) to remove my receiver from his list. Another supprise, he also cannot remove my receiver from his list, it stays in his list! The "Sign out everywhere" seemed to work, but after some time my reciever was back in the list. This cannot be the way it should work, as the owner of the receiver I should have the right to remove spotify accounts! And of course, the owner of the account should be able to remove connected devices. 


Anyone any suggestions to fix this, other than changing my network settings (ip adresses, Mac filtering etc. I don't want to do that, i should be able to block access)?


Thank you and best regards,





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