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Spotify on Squeezebox - empty playlists or no playlists, 502 gateway errors


I have Spotify premium.  I have been running it sucessfully on my Logitech Squeezebox Radio (LSR) for a least a year.  Last week Spotify stopped working on the LSR.  Spotify works fine on my other devices (PC and Iphone).  The LSR works fine for other apps (Pandora).


I am seeing several errors:


1)  The playlist(s) is empty on the LSR or

2)  The playlist(s) doesn't exist on the LSR or

3). When I select the playlist, I get "502 Bad Gateway"


The same playlist may exhibit one error, then another later.


I can sometimes get the LSR to play a Spotify playlist if initiate it with Remote Control from my Squeezebox account on the internet.  Other playlists will have errors and not play.


I have rebooted the LSR and have re-installed the Spotify app on the LSR.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Who Me Too'd this topic