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"Repeat One" functionality question

Good day:


I've tried to search for this on the board, but I couldn't find it. If this has been asked before, please forgive me. I am curious about the "Repeat One" functionality for the Spotify iOS app, compared to the desktop versions.


Let's say I'm playing a song on the desktop version, and I have "Repeat One" activated. No matter what song I choose to play, "Repeat One" is still highlighted, and it behaves in that matter.


On the mobile side, every music app I've used on iOS behaves the same as described above, except for Spotify. The Spotify mobile app for iOS, for me, will change from "Repeat One" to "Repeat All" once a new song is selected to play.


I would like to know if anyone else noticed this. If this is intended behavior, it seems a bit weird, since other apps, such as Rdio's app, the built-in Music app, etc., don't behave that way.


I am currently using iOS 7.1.2 on both an iPhone 4S, as well as an iPad 2, and both are using ver. 1.5.0 of the Spotify app.


Once again, if this has been asked before, please excuse my oversight.

Who Me Too'd this topic