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Spotify stops after a few seconds on my iPhone. This breaks me appart! (pun intended)


Spotify stops playing, after a few seconds, on My iPhone 5s with the latest software update.

I've noticed that it keeps playing, but with no sound. When I open the app, the time is still going - for a few seconds, then goes back to whatever time it stopped playing at, then loops trough a few seconds before it goes to a full stop. Let me explain:


If the song stops at 0:17 (usually at the very beginning of the song, but in the middle and before the song ends has also occurred), it goes something like this:

The song stops. I open the app, and see that the time is still going. if I've waited for 10 seconds to open the app, it shows 0:27, 0:28, 0:29, then jumps back to 0:17, 0:18, 0:19, then jumps back again to 0:17, 0:18, 0:19. It does this a couple of times untill it completly stops at 0:17. Then I can wait forever for it to start playing again.


This is not a good user experience. It really ruins the whole listening experience, and relaxing to music is no longer relaxing...

Usually I have to physically move the slider a few seconds for it to start up again. Sometimes I can just hit pause/play. And quite rarely it start on its own - just when I've had enough.


Please put som light on this issue.. this breaks me appart! (pun intended)

Who Me Too'd this topic